Dr. Chris Homer

Dr. Chris graduated in 1992 from the University in Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Chris has been passionate about dairies and dairy medicine since he spent summers in his teenage years on his uncles dairy farm. Chris has many years of experience with cows from Alberta, Canada to Garrett county, Maryland before coming to centre county Pennsylvania and making it his home. He is no stranger to the late nights and long days of veterinary medicine, but loves cows and veterinary medicine. Chris loves reproductive medicine, embryo transfer in cows, AI in horses, dairy production medicine, surgical cases, herd health and sick animal work with cows. But does include dog, cat, goats, pigs, horses, deer and any other animal with fur in his work.  



Dr. Kathleen Rhoads


Dr. Kathleen is one of the large animal veterinarians at Straley LA Veterinary Services, Inc. She specializes in dairy cattle but also works on beef cattle, sheep, goats, white-tail deer, alpacas, llamas, pigs, horses, and dogs. Some of the services she provides to the practice include establishing herd health and reproductive programs, formulating rations, sick animal care, and emergency medicine. Kathleen has been with the practice since 2009 after graduating from veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. She went to Penn State University for her undergraduate studies where she also played rugby and became a national champion. Kathleen, along with Chris and Sue Homer had the opportunity in July of 2012 to gain ownership and establish Straley Large Animal Veterinary Services, Inc. Kathleen is married to her husband Derek and together they have three children Mikayla, Ty and Jackson!



Dr. Don Anderson


Dr. Don comes from Virginia, however he has been living and practicing in central Pennsylvania for many years. Dr. Don brings lots of experience and humor to our practice. While he specializes in dairy medicine, Dr. Don is well known for his goat, pig and sheep medicine. Dr. Don brings innovation, expertise and a funny story to all his clients! Don and his wife, Angie and their two daughters, Jordan and Jillian have their own small farm and enjoy the agricultural community of central PA.




 Dr. Ed Fuhrman

Dr. Ed Fuhrman (the red-headed guy to those who have met Ed) specializes in dairy medicine and is from both Pennsylvania and a veterinary family! Ed went to Penn State many years ago and studied Animal Bio-science and worked at Straley’s when it was one clinic with John, Chris, Kath and Sue. Ed was always clear about what he wanted to do with his life and worked hard at gaining experience with all species, especially dairy. Ed went off to vet school at Ross University of Veterinary Medicine and finished at Wisconsin University School of Veterinary Medicine in their Dairy Production Program. Ed and his wife, Ashley and his daughter, Harper are excited to be back home in Pennsylvania. Ed has a special love for Dairy medicine, but yes, he can also treat horses, goats, sheep, and pigs and enjoys all species so he is ready for anything that our clients need.                                                                                                          








 Sue Homer 

Sue Homer moved to Centre County Pennsylvania in 2002.  In 2003 Sue joined the clinic and managed it until 2012 when Sue, Chris and Dr. Kathleen Rhoads purchased the large animal mobile practice from Dr. John Shapira. In Canada Sue was an operations manager for a large retail chain and lived in the city of Toronto, Canada. Although Sue spent most of her life in downtown Toronto she learned to milk cows in Maryland and love the rural lifestyle. Sue is energetic and enthusiastic about the work that Straley’s does and wants the best for the Straley Large Animal team and clients and especially the animals they care for.