Equine Wellness Care 


We offer a complete line-up of wellness services including annual or semi-annual wellness exams, seasonal vaccinations, custom deworming programs including fecal parasite testing, routine dental care, and nutritional consults.  




Our veterinarians conduct through dental exams and utilize both manual and motorized dental equipment depending upon the dental needs and temperament of our patient.  We are experienced in performing advanced dental procedures including extractions.

  Sports Medicine & Lameness Exams  

Lameness and other performance problems are one of the most common and frustrating medical issues that horse owners face.  We offer methodical lameness and performance evaluations utilizing digital radiography and soft tissue ultrasound. 

                                                  Internal Medicine 


                                                                   Our veterinarians offer diagnosing and treating of internal medical conditions including internal infections, respiratory disorders, Lyme disease, eye conditions, and skin problems. Utilizing many tools including endoscope and gastroscope. We provide comprehensive testing and treatment for patients suffering from endocrine conditions such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushings Disease, and more. We also offer specialized care for senior horses.





    Our veterinarians include complete reproductive services such as breeding soundness exams, assessment and timing of breeding cycles, artificial insemination, pregnancy checks, Embryo Transfer,     stallion collecting, semen evaluation and  postpartum mare/foal exams and treatment.


    Also Castration, digital coggins and much more!




 Equine Services – this is a sample of services, much more is available