Straley LA Veterinary Services, Inc.


Bovine Services – this is a sample of services, much more is available


Dr. Kathleen Rhoads and Dr. Don Anderson have a special interest in dairy medicine.  While comprehensive herd health is certainly our focus, we also have the capability and expertise to diagnose and treat all bovine conditions and illnesses, whether due to infectious diseases, environmental conditions, toxin containing feeds, or other feeding related issues.  In addition to medical treatment plans, our veterinarians can perform a full range of on-farm surgical procedures to correct displaced abomasums, umbilical hernias, and reproductive anatomic abnormalities (Caslick's).  We provide C-sections if necessary and can provide medical and surgical assistance with all bovine emergencies.  We offer the following services:

Herd Health Plans- Herd-level investigations, Milk quality consultation, Computerized ration formulation, Vaccination and deworming plans, Calf care and housing consultation, Housing and environmental consultation and Pasture management consultation.

Reproductive Services - Reproductive maintenance services as well as problem identification and consultation and Embryo Transfer service.

Sick Animal - Individualized sick animal care and treatment, Surgical procedures including caslick's, c-sections, and correction of DA's and umbilical hernias, Calving assistance, and much more.



Herd Health is an important part of our routine work. 


No matter your issue, our veterinarians will design medically sound programs to meet the individual demands of the farm.  Our aim is to make recommendations that fit with your management practices and provide annual reviews to ensure that the program is meeting your needs.  Our veterinarians are constantly updating their knowledge of reproductive plans and other programs, providing the newest information and adapting it to your specific needs.